Tuesday, June 26, 2012

so i am getting a lot of people saying how small i am and they cant believe i am eight months pregnant in July. no way, do you eat? are you sure everything is ok? have you gotten bigger at all? etc. and the laughing, and the stories of how HUGE they got. thats wonderful people make fun of me for being small, well if i walked up to a pregnant lady and said holy cow you are big. how fat are you now? are you sure something isn't wrong?, are you having triplets?, etc it would be offensive would it not?  and i have not and will not ever do that. so ha just to prove to myself that i have grown quite a bit here is a picture of me on my wedding day just before we went into the temple. and yes i am thin and happy to be so. never ever had a problem with weight in my life and apparently not in pregnancy either. and then there is one of me as of today June 26 almost at the eight month july 1 mark. so yes i have grown and yes my baby is healthy. sorry im not fat ill try harder. 
wedding day august 29, 2009 age 20 probably about 105 lbs

june 26, 2012, three years almost after wedding, age 23, about 130 lbs


  1. Sorry that people are giving you a hard time about being small. I think you look great. As long as you and Peter are healthy that is all that really matters. We are so excited for you and Joe to have this little one. He will be here before you know it. Have fun and try not to let those comments get to you. We love and miss you all!

  2. Honestly Em, you can't stop people from being dumb, all you can do is teach people how to treat you. I had one lady who literally said to me on more than one occasion "wow you are really fat now!" and yes she knew i was pregnant. She then asked a few months later "oh you are still fat, when are you having that baby?" I got the fat and huge comments and we both know I always have struggled with my weight. But we both married great guys and are living the lives we wanted. I love you girlie! Try to keep positive... people are stupid.