Tuesday, July 3, 2012

sometimes i forget there is a baby in there

how are you feeling? a question i hear about every day. universal answer... GREAT!! i have to admit being pregnant has not been hard for me really at all. the tiredness is something i had to get used to but not its my normal and i can deal with it. little aches and pains, but overall wonderful and... dare i say it easy. even my doctor has said peter and i are A+ students of being pregnant. never have problems or nasty troubles like others do. so obviously i am feeling very blessed to have it so relaxed and easy compared to others. i know pregnancy can be terrible for some and i just count myself lucky to not have those issues. so a week into month eight and i have no heartburn, no major troubles sleeping, never really had the gas or anything like that. i can eat anything and always could, just raw hamburger smell kinda grossed me out but once i got it cooked i could eat it, i even go out to Thai food with Joe on our date nights. no major exhaustion like i said its just my new normal. not too emotional, a little angry easier but not too bad and i tend to be an angry person anyways ha . 
           so how is little Peter doing? he is great, loves to move at night but i have learned to sleep through it no problemo. he measures just as he should. today at the doctor the doctor was a little concerned when he felt like he was breach position, but then realized our son just has a bony bottom and his head is indeed down where it should be. ha ha i laughed because i have a bony butt too and suppose if nothing else on him looks like me at least for a while he may have my butt. so again A+ report card for us and only 8 weeks till our due date! 

 below is a picture of me angry just for reference 

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