Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Thanks Bryanna for the fun day taking pictures. I want to make sure I always remember how fun it has been to be pregnant. 

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Island Park

This weekend we went to a camp out with Joe's advanced neuroscience class. he really likes this teacher and for good reason, the man is a freaking genius, and he is very chilled out personality just like Joe. so anyways we drove in vans up to island park Idaho. this is the place they put on the post cards of Idaho because it is beautiful, green, with lakes, rivers, springs, mountains, etc. the school owns a huge cabin up there back in the woods and so we really didn't camp but it was still fun. the class was presenting all day long at a mock seminar type thingy, i tried to listen nicely, Joe's was very well done, but then i went and took a nap through the next 4 since each was like half hour long. then we got free time so we hiked and took pictures, cooked over the fire made smores, ya know all the campy stuff. then this morning we went to a natural spring where fresh clear and cool water just comes up from underground into big ponds and then flows into the rivers and streams. all in all it was very very fun. and sharing a room with our friends Waldo and Hailey made it even better. Joe and waldo take a lot of classes together and Hailey is also having a baby boy but not till October. they are always fun, and we all tease the guys about their bromance. 

 Idaho does have green areas, island park was so pretty

 i look tired, but doesnt Joe have cute dimples, i hope Peter has em too
 proof that i do drink liquids other than pepsi, my sweet new water bottle, old one grew mold, gross
 our cool room, the outside of the cabin looked like life size Lincoln logs, thats Joe and Waldo

 thats the spring, it was soo hot i wanted to jump in and take a swim
 joe got some good pictures of this muskrat otter thingy, apparently they eat grass, or chew on it whatever 

 some old guy named johnny lived up here year roundand this was his water wheel generator. so cute

 inside the cabin, this johnny guy was like 5 feet tall

 my dream kitchen.....if i had lived like 100 years ago
Joe's teacher and his son climbed down to see how the water wheel worked. 

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

sometimes i forget there is a baby in there

how are you feeling? a question i hear about every day. universal answer... GREAT!! i have to admit being pregnant has not been hard for me really at all. the tiredness is something i had to get used to but not its my normal and i can deal with it. little aches and pains, but overall wonderful and... dare i say it easy. even my doctor has said peter and i are A+ students of being pregnant. never have problems or nasty troubles like others do. so obviously i am feeling very blessed to have it so relaxed and easy compared to others. i know pregnancy can be terrible for some and i just count myself lucky to not have those issues. so a week into month eight and i have no heartburn, no major troubles sleeping, never really had the gas or anything like that. i can eat anything and always could, just raw hamburger smell kinda grossed me out but once i got it cooked i could eat it, i even go out to Thai food with Joe on our date nights. no major exhaustion like i said its just my new normal. not too emotional, a little angry easier but not too bad and i tend to be an angry person anyways ha . 
           so how is little Peter doing? he is great, loves to move at night but i have learned to sleep through it no problemo. he measures just as he should. today at the doctor the doctor was a little concerned when he felt like he was breach position, but then realized our son just has a bony bottom and his head is indeed down where it should be. ha ha i laughed because i have a bony butt too and suppose if nothing else on him looks like me at least for a while he may have my butt. so again A+ report card for us and only 8 weeks till our due date! 

 below is a picture of me angry just for reference