Wednesday, January 11, 2012


So this is a test. i know i dont blog much and i also know i am horrible at keeping in touch with people. what can i say i just enjoy my select few folks and unfortunately for the rest of the world those folks are my family. i realized today while reading i think its because i always assume everyone hates me or strongly dislikes me so i feel like i am doing them a favor by leaving them alone. whatever it doesnt matter because like i said this is a test, to see how many people 1. know about my blog and 2. actually read it. i dont suspect it is many and thats ok, really i am just curious. so if you are reading this you will soon know our big family news, Joseph and Emma knight are having a baby! i am due the end of august and thrilled beyond explanation. so there ya go world privileged information. and my personal witness that prayers are answered, we tried and prayed for a baby for 2 years and in the end it was a fertility drug that did the trick. so even though we are waiting to officially announce it if ya ever read my blog you now know.