Sunday, June 10, 2012

I am so grateful that the long dresses are in style this summer because they are the most comfortable thing for me to wear right now. and stores actually have a nice variety of them and i can wear them to school. so here is a baby bump picture. Dont even say i am so small because 
1. i know i am small  
2. i tried for years to have this baby so saying how un pregnant i look is disheartening. ha ha but yes i know for 7 months i am not that big at all. 


  1. Um.... you look pretty preggo to me.

  2. You look perfect. When I was pregnant with the first two kiddies I had some people tell me I was too big and others tell me I was too small. It's their opinion but it really annoyed me too. I say you look great. And I agree the maxi dresses are perfect for summer pregnancies. You look beautiful.

  3. thanks ladies. having to relearn the blogger thing but hopefully by the time Peter comes i will have the hang of it and be able to post about him often