Saturday, June 9, 2012

What have the knights been up to? Being pregnant it can seem like time is either crawling by or at other times flying quickly. So in the shifting time craziness that has been the past five months here are a few things we have been doing. 

Joe- getting closer to finishing school, classes are getting more complex and exciting, like neuro biology, which means surgery and brain dissection and experiments on rats. It is very exciting and demanding all at the same time. Along with school is two callings with the young men in our ward, as presidency secretary and also priest advisor. After this semester is over it is back to work at the landscaping company for long 14 hour days, muddy boots, and sore muscles. 

Emma- graduation from BYU-IDAHO is just less than two months away. The 20th of july I will be done with my degree, finally. While this is very exciting it is also hard since this means two science classes, and one being chemistry which takes a lot of time and prayer to do well in. working as well means im in a constant state of exhaustion, but it is worth it to get to graduation. I was also asked to be a speaker at the graduation ceremony for my department since as they told me I am in the top of my class. We settled on me reading a scripture to open the ceremony since the long standing just three weeks before baby comes might be a little much, so I am excited about the end of this semester. After im done it will be baby mode 100%. 

Baby Peter- our little boy is growing every day bigger and bigger. Each doctor’s appointment the doctor tells us both momma and baby are A+ students, doing exactly what they should be at this stage. He has a strong loud heart beat and loves to move around. We are thinking either a runner or cyclist since his feet are always kicking. We are at the 7 month mark and will meet at the end of august. So far I think we have a lot of the essentials set for him. Car seat, stroller, play pen, lots of clothes especially the soft fleece sacks. Both grammas have sent us lots of clothes and blankets and books. We are all excited to be a family forever and spend a lifetime getting to know each other. 

We thought we should test some of his things before he is born. 

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  1. Emma I love you...and joe to I guess :p sooo proud of you and can not wait to meet my lil nephew ;)