Thursday, December 25, 2008

christmas brings many feelings, joy of course, praise of God and his son, tired from waking up so early, bummed when it is over, and this year for me sadness because i realized life may tease you a little bit but it never really gets any better. oh yeah sure a second or two then it is back to the storm of crap. people who you think have changed just come home and treat you like junk, people you truely care about and maybe even love have to leave, big surprise there emma has another peson in her life leave, not. i guess if i would just get smart i might understand that life is hard and it never gets easy just different. so i guess in all this ranting i have learned something valuable. hey even if nothing else i got that for christmas. peace out im done here


  1. Hey girl! How fun you got to spend time with your family and relatives. I truly miss my friends in PA, I agree with you when you say the people you love leave, but if they really care for you they keep in touch, By the way say hi to your Mom and JoAnn. Give them a bug hug from me. Thanks! Janint

  2. I meant a BIG hug, I always write so fast, I miss some words :)