Sunday, December 14, 2008

it was hard to hide the fact that i was trying with all my strength and talent, or lack thereof, but i knew if i was going to win any points on this game i had to be confident and just keep it cool. keep it cool yeah right i have never been able to keep it cool, i had never even wanted to try God gave me emotions so i could express them and a competative raquetball game was the perfect time to do so. the serves were the easy part, my greatest skill set on the court, but the harsh long shots off the bak wall were kicking my butt and my worthy oponent was loving it i could see it in her stupid grin. if i could just keep the ball above or just past the service line i could rack up points enough for a sweet win, but it seemed every shot was so far back and i had yet to master the off the back wall before it hits floor a second time, launch it to front wall shot. bad words seeped into my mind like that old movie the blob, stupid movie the way so opposite of creative, i just wanted to scream or swear, which is out of character, but i was so consumed with a will and desire beyond all desires to dominate the game and walk home victorious that i had to get tough, mean, and downright nasty. well i guess i didnt have to but i most certainly did. i fell silent and focused my sight, power, mind, and raquet at the front wall awaiting the serve. the ball fell, hit, flew back toward the far left of me, wacked the back wall. at this moment i wiuld bet my life that time slowed down and i was moving too fast for natural eyes to see but all i know is i swung like i had never swung before isnce 6 months ago when i took this game up and the ball went hyper speed into the back wall, then soared with perfect aim to the frint wall, left corner. the hit was the single most amazing, proud, unbelievable, but so awesome i had to scream monent i had ever experienced. then the reality set in, the hit had been returned and i was up, had to hit a shallow above the service line, across the entire court ball. my legs flung me forward and i simply threw my entire body ahead and unto the ground hitting the ball into the left corner again and killing it before my opponent could even think about returning it. then unfortunately i hit the ground, the hard wooden court smacked my face as hard as my off the back wall hit had taken the ball my face was plastered onto the court lines, my arms tangled around the raquet, and my legs, well in all honestly i dont know what the landed like but it hurt. the dull, throbbing set in fairly quick, but no mortal inconveniance could have ruined that joyous moment for me. i felt like i could fly, and i did fly right into the face my saddened opponent who had just lost a sweet volley and the point. too bad for you loser sorry about the upset but better luck next time. all in good fun i promise because we just laughed it off and walked home together, since we were afterall roommates. but i have to admit i stayed up for a while worried that she might take her revenge while i slept.

p.s. no such attempt was made

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