Thursday, February 19, 2009

finding joy. it may seem like we are bored, stuck ina boring place, a boring person, or that we have a boring life. when these feelings arise it is 100% of the time our own fault. mrs. mordan my 3rd grade teacher was one of the few teachers that could deal with me and all my energy, when i was doing some dumb thing or whatever and she assked why i usually said i was bored, she retorted with "if your bored that means ur a boring person." so needless to say i tried very hard to not be a boring person again. living in idaho it can be very difficult to not be bored especially in the winter. so while i was staying with the coolest family in idaho, the shippens, they took me out and showed me the wonders of winter sports. susan and morgan took me showboarding a few days, soooo fun by the way, and then kent ans susan took me on a sn owshoeing adventure. thanks guys. so these things while hard to learn and most certainly painful at times were the most fun i'd had in idaho since the summer and fall when outside wasnt covered in feet of snow. it showed me that even in the most barren places of this world, ie idaho, there are a ton of fun exciting opposite of boring activities to explore and learn about. so once again a thanks to mrs. mordan and kent and susan!! the world needs more people like them to motivate even the most bpring of people.


  1. That looks like lots of fun! I've never been snow shoeing or snow boarding--I'll have to try it sometime!

  2. What a nice experience! I need someone who wants to tech me and mountains too :)

  3. Emma, you are one of the LEAST boring people I know!
    Love ya bunches,