Wednesday, January 27, 2010

moving day! not, moving day is not exciting for many reasons, one its snowing, two thanks to our buick we have to make like 10 trips, three its freezing cold outside, four we are moving just for two months so we will have to do this again real soon, five we are not near all packed because my husband thinks we should wait and pack before we load the boxes( i love him but this was not one of his best ideas), six i have moves like 10 times in my life and i dont remember ever thinking, gee this is really fun i wanna do it again, seven once our stuff is out i have to clean like a mad woman. but moving is exciting for one really ver wonderful reason, i get to move with joseph. now this may seem trivial to single or long married folks but us kinda newlyweds think it is just great to be moving together as it symbolizes us moving always toward our goals as one. we are never to part and thats a pretty darn good feeling. so bring on the boxes, newspaper, tape, cold and anything else moving can bring because joseph and emma can do anything!

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