Sunday, August 9, 2009

getting married in two weeks and 5 days!!!! the 29th of august at the palmyra new york temple, then our sweet reception at the sunbury ward building at 7. then we are leaving the 1st of september to drive to school at byu idaho. wow that will be a full week and i imagine ill sleep the first 3 days we are in idaho, well hopefully. its all very exciting and stressful and quite frankly it scares me a little, but io live for a challenge and i thrive on new fun things so i think will be alright. joe im sure is excited and nervous, although he insists he isnt really nervous. im just trying to unstress myself this week eventhough really i dont have much to do im tired and anxious to have it be over.

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  1. You two are adorable. Try to relax Emma. Just enjoy every moment you have together. Love you lots and we cannot wait to see you two get sealed for time and all eternity.